CLASSIC THE FIST is the acoustic punch against the professional indifference and for more ecstatic nonsense. So, while the techno scene is drowning behind their computer screens in the middle of 50 decibel and shitty 80/30 deals, CLASSIC THE FIST pushes the cat out of the bag with a big bash.

TAKE CONTROL AGAIN. Go back to the things that really matter. Don’t take everything too seriously. Full focus on music. Take risks. No more moaning. Do it yourself. Take a stand. Yes or no? Improvisation rules! Perfection wastes action. Show your balls.

Smoke, drink, everything. What do you really want? No risk, no fist!

So take off your earplugs and get into the dual fistmania because those two techno grenades are taking back control. For many years they have been smashing their tracks into the clubs. Dirty, wild and misted by sweat. Yet meanwhile, the music around them became quieter, the light got brighter and the sweat dried. Promotional pictures got sharper, record sleeves sustainable, social media strategies more strategic. And the music? So so…

… but wait, are you sure that is the right thing to say? Before you mention something like that you should take a close look at both sides and enter a dialog. It’s probably a good idea to reconsider altogether with a yogi chai so that nobody feels discriminated and we all stay socially equal. Absolutely everyone’s opinion should be taken into consideration….Fuck TV! Fuck radio! Fuck Yogis! Fuck everything! Buy the record!

The design is a disaster. The Facebook page is a catastrophe. But who cares because the sound is hammering away everything. All the strength is put into the tracks, not into exercising disco muscles. Euphoria is sounding through the grooves and energy is smashing through the bass. The sweat is starting to drip again. Get rid of the paralysis, the madness starts now! Let’s go anal! Nice to meet you!

Legal Note: CLASSIC THE FIST is uncompromisingly against vegan cat feeding and insistently for women who smile without a reason


CoNtAcT Us…… We OnLy AnSwEr If YoU KnOw HoW To FiSt !

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